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ESORICS 2021 will be held as a virtual event on October 04–08, 2021. For further details, please refer to ESORICS 2021 main page

Call for Papers

The increasingly digitalization of the public and private sectors emphasizes the reliance on network and information systems on everyday life. Their pervasive interconnectedness is expanding the attack surface for malicious cyber activities. It is of particular interest to analyse which cyber defence technologies could lead to achieve an information advantage, enabled in part by network-centric architectures and enhanced data fusion approaches. The instrumentalization of this advantage must consider a resilient communications infrastructure at the network edge. This edge is the last physical or logical boundary where all the external network integrations and interfaces happen. In contrast with state-of-the-art civilian cybersecurity enablers, dual use cyber defence solutions suited for military operations shall embrace a mission-centric vision, where cyber assessment and decisions must be complaint with the military operational context, including among others, the mission goals and tasks, their interdependencies, phasing and joint/combined actuations. They present growing issues and gaps against which academy, research, industry are joining efforts.

On these grounds, the main objective of the 1st International Workshop on Cyber Defence Technologies and Secure Communications at the Network Edge (CDT & SECOMANE) is to bring together cyber defence and communications practitioners including other stakeholders in a European forum to collect contributions of leading-edge researchers from academia and industry, showing the latest research results in the selected targeted fields. CDT & SECOMANE expects contributions regarding:

Accepted submissions may cover some of the following topics of interest:

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